Louise Wersäll

Coaching Mentor - Founder of Qwan January 1997- present

QWAN - a method of personal growth and teamwork excellence. I developed this method together with social psychologist Ulrica Danielsson.

Organizations, companies and individuals have been trained in the tools of this method with respect to raising performance in areas such as communication and sales. These tools have also been used to prevent "fatigue" in municipal projects. The tools have helped to develop true partnership for the Swedish dance elite and also increased collaboration skills in various workplaces. The method as we se it has the potential to be exffective and helpful in many more areas.

Miljöutbildarna HB - Owner / Writer January 1997 - August 2005

Since 1996 has our company worked for a positive change in organizations and on an individual level. The education we are giving away here: http://www.milou.se.com/ is a result of all our experiences. This education gives you the understanding you need to make a choice to become more environmentally friendly. The education gives you a holistic view of how the nature of our planet works and it gives you the knowledge to do make good choices in your daily life.

Humanity as a unity needs new ideas and new visions for our planet. We as educators in the environmental field want to inspire people with this education and therefore we are now making i t available for everybody

Stockholm University - Behaviorist 1987-1994

Ethology, Biology, Psychology

Independent Coursework

The Landmark Forum
The Landmark Forum in Action seminar
Landmark Integrity: The Bottom Line
The Landmark Advanced Course
Landmark The Communication Course: Access to Power
Landmark Introduction Leaders Program
NFI: Professional Scrum Master