Per Nyfelt



Solution Architect, Java developer, BI Developer, Project Manager

I am passionate about creativity, innovations, continuous improvements and technology. I've been working with IT for more than 20 years and love all aspects of it. My daily work has consisted of both business development and IT issues at a strategic level as well as project management, design and software development. This has given me a lot of breadth in all areas of IT as well as great depth in Enterprise BI and Java based distributed systems.

I am an active Open Source contributor and have created and maintain several open source projects related to Java and R and are also an active contributor to several other open source projects.

Regardless of which role I end up in, I am perceptive and creative. I am self-sufficient while truly appreciative of team work and working in projects. People often comment on my ability to create a positive working climate. I am curious about and interested in everything IT related and have easy to learn new things as well as to identify synergy and coherence that is not obvious to all.

Software Development Experience

Company Project details Time period
Nordnet Frontal Project
Project lead and Solution architect for an e-signing solution. The system is based on Spring Boot and Postgres in the back-end and React in the front-end.
Open Source RIDE
RIDE is a feature rich, open source, integrated development environment for the Renjin implementation of R for the JVM based on JavaFX.
Reserve Study Group RSG Project
As the sole developer, I created the system that Reserve Study Group is using for data entry and to create reserve study reports. The system is based on Play Framework, R and Postgres in the back-end, and Javascript, JQuery, Bootstrap in the front-end.
Nordnet ODDS Project
The ODDS project is a complete modernization and enhancement of the credit scoring and decision system Nordnet is using for their personal loans business. It includes a shift from batch oriented processing of loan applications into real time processing, fully automated decision process of a large part of their applications and enhanced manual handling of the underwriting process. The project made Nordnet become the leading personal loans provider in Sweden in terms of ability to expedite loan applications. I was the Solution Architect, main developer and technical project manager for the project that included a thorough pre-study, creation of the real time operational system and the creation of a business intelligence environment. The system consisted of Jboss BPM suite for automated workflow and decision, JBoss fuse for real time integration, and Microsoft SQL Server for operational data as well as Business Intelligence.
Resourcing Networks Vene project
In order to help Vattenfall to sell off all their spare parts for their nuclear power plants in Germany an adaptation and customization of the Resourcing platform was needed. The new system included a new website, enhanced presentation, new activity reports, free text searching, a major technical upgrade etc. I was the sole developer for the project.
LeanDev Lean Analytics
Created a prototype for a reporting server for Lean Analytics to replace the Jasper reports server. First prototype was JEE based (jsp and EJBs) and although functionally and visibly valid, a framework that allowed for more rapid development would enhance competitiveness. Hence, a second prototype was then created in Play Framework (Java 8 and Scala templates) which proved very promising and the commercial product continued to be developed based on the prototype.
Weblogic Network Gatekeeper was a comprehensive JEE application (> 1.000.000 lines of code). I started with bug fixing to learn the code base and then did several exploratory prototypes for new versions as well as customer adaptations and customizations.
Citibank Squirrel DW
Developing a Bi solution based on SQL server 2000 and Microsoft Data Transformation services was challenging in terms of continuous deployment, automated testing and version management. I created a build environment, automated builds (including automated nightly builds with automated testing), created hooks (using C++) into SQL Server allowing all development assets to be managed in Visual Source Safe.
2004 - 2005
Resourcing Networks Scandinavia AB Resourcing Web
The Resourcing Web application was built in Java on the JBoss application server. Besides being responsible for the data model I was also the responsible developer for the data integration services (based on Entity beans and Servlets).
2002 - 2004
Merck Einstein
One of the main systems I created at Merck was Einstein, a Java application server based system for clinical trial data entry and analysis. Besides being the project manager for the project, I was also responsible for the back-end administration management GUI.
1998 - 2000

Business Intelligence Experience

Company Project details Time period
Nordnet ODDS - Modernization of credit decision platform
Data warehouse architect and developer of the analytics part of the ODDS project. Using SQL Server 2012 (SSIS, SSAS, SSRS) for ETL, reporting, and OLAP. The data model was created on the basis of an information model created in Enterprise Architect and then transformed into a dimensional model (according to Kimball principles).
SevenDay Finans Financial Visual Analytics
Responsible for information model design, data preparation, and creating standard reports in Visual Analytics (e.g. Stock analysis and Vintage)
LeanDev Lean Analytics
Lean Analytics is an out of the box business intelligence system for deposit and loan pre-integrated with Lean Deposit and Lean Loan but can be adapted to and used with any deposit and loan system. I created the data model for the Loan mart and several of the standard reports for Deposit and Loan as well as initiated and co-created the Analytics reporting server. The system is based on PostgreSQL, Pentaho, BIRT and in-house developed tools.
Oracle Product Management Analytics
In house analytics system to analyze product management activities combining data from sales, engineering, marketing, HR etc. into a star schema data model driving standard reports and an OLAP cube making it possible to analyze product lifecycle profitability, investment planning, impact analysis etc. The system was based on Oracle products.
2013 - 2014
SevenDay Finans Data Warehouse for private lending
Designed the data model, ETL scripts and standard reports for the initial version of the SevenDay data warehouse. The system was based on PostgreSQL, BIRT and Kettle.
Citibank Project manager and architect, Squirrel DW
Worked as consultant at Citibank as data warehouse architect and project manager for its initial data warehouse and reporting system and stayed on for several subsequent versions rolling out the same solution in Finland and Norway. The system was based on Microsoft products (SQL Server etc.).
2004 - 2005
Resourcing Networks Scandinavia AB Data Warehouse project manager and lead developer
Designed and created the Data warehouse to serve both internal users and customers with monthly reporting and ad hoc analysis for the two products Resourcing sold: a Virtual inventory warehouse for resource sharing and collaboration, and an emergency readiness system for the processing industry. The system was based on Open Source and in house developed products (MySQL, Java).
2002 - 2004
Merck Mega Trials Project Manager
Responsible for IT development activities in Scandinavia related to clinical trials at Merck (MSD), mainly leading the development and maintenance of applications used in Clinical studies. One of the key aspects of this was the collecting of clinical trial data and providing the statisticians (who used SAS) with information that was reliable, consistent and easy to digest. The system was based on Oracle products.
1998 - 2000

Employment History

Company Title From – To
Alipsa Partner
Alipsa is owned by Per Nyfelt and Louise Wersäll. It focuses on consulting in the areas of software development, business development and personal development.
LeanDev Managing Director
Managing Director/CEO at LeanDev - a FinTech company located in Sweden and China with about 60 employees. LeanDev has 3 major products: Lean Deposit (for savings management), Lean Loan (for private and corporate lending) and Lean Analytics (Business Intelligence for financial companies) I doubled the customer base during the first year. Created and launched several new services and initiated two new products that will be launched next year: Lean Leasing and Lean Community (for P2P lending and crowd funding).
2015 - 2016
Oracle Senior Product Manager
Responsible for one of the key Telecom products in Oracle. Responsible for road map, release planning and definition, release project management, go to market planning, education and training. Working closely and coordinating activities with sales, pre-sales and product marketing. My work also included mentoring two other product managers. I evolved my product technically from a Service Gateway to an API Management Platform and doubled its sales numbers.
2010 - 2014
BEA Systems Senior Presales Manager
Managed Pre-sales in Europe, middle East and Africa for BEA's Telecom Products
2007 - 2009
BEA Systems Senior Engineering Manager, Business Developer
Started up the Telco Technology Center for BEA in Beijing from scratch, we were 100+ people after the first year of establishment and the majority of software development in the Telco area was outsourced to us.
2006 - 2007
ProQ Inköp Svenska AB Managing Director
Responsible for operations and development. Leading the daily activities and serving as liaison between the board and the management team. Lead development, marketing and sales activities for its two products:
ProQ Procurement and Supplier Network System, a Procurement system based on JBoss with both a web interface and a Java front-end, handling purchase planning, request for tender, tender evaluation, direct ordering etc.
ProQ Document Management System, a document management system for access, search, versioning, lifecycle etc. of documents.
Also worked as consultant at Citibank as lead data warehouse architect and project manager for its initial data warehouse and reporting system and stayed on for several subsequent versions rolling out the same solution in Finland and Norway.
2004 - 2006
Resourcing Networks Scandinavia AB Director, Information Technology
Director, Human Resources
Overall responsible for IT e.g. infrastructure planning and budgeting, software licensing, technological strategy etc. Also responsible for hiring, contracts signing, salary negotiation, employee evaluation and other related HR areas.
Resourcing is a software vendor with two products: a Virtual inventory virtual warehouse for resource sharing and collaboration, and an emergency readiness system for the processing industry.
2002 - 2004
Nordic Wave Chief Technology Officer
Nordic Wave is a Software Development & Consulting company with offices in California, Hong Kong and Stockholm. Major consulting assignments included systems architect at Ericsson Radio Systems in 3G systems service provisioning and teaching various java related programming and software design courses at Learning Tree.
2000 - 2002
PC-Specialisten Manager, Consultant, Co-founder, on the board of directors.
I founded PC-Specialisten together with my two brothers. Our main business was from consulting, IT education and hardware repair. One of the major consulting assignments was at Merck (MSD) as Mega Trials Project Manager where I was responsible for IT activities in Scandinavia related to clinical trials, mainly leading the development and maintenance of applications used in Clinical studies.
1996 - 2000
SBI Budosport Sport shop manager (Butiksföreståndare)
Managing day to day activities including responsibility for sales, local marketing, purchases and customer relations in a sports shop with 3 employees.


Technical Skills

Programming languages: Java, R, Javascript, Groovy, Scala, PHP, Bash, Visual Basic, C#

BI Frameworks: Oracle BI, Microsoft BI, Pentaho ETL suite (Kettle, Spoon etc.)

Reporting tools: Microsoft Reporting Services, Eclipse Birt, Tibco Jasper Reports, Crystal Reports, SAS Visual Analytics

Analysis tools:R Studio, SAS base, SAS Visual Analytics, SPSS, Excel, Access

Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Oracle DB

Development platforms / application servers:Spring Boot, Play Framework, JBoss, Glassfish, Weblogic, LAMP, .NET/IIS

Education and courses

School Date Major/Minor Courses
Uppsala University 1995-2004 Computer Science
College of Gävle/Sandviken 1996, 2012 Jungian Psychology
Uppsala University 1989-1995 Psychology
Qing Hua University 1993-1994 Chinese Language and Literature


Certified Scrum Master (PSM I).
A large number of courses in project management, project planning, leadership, coaching, product management, sales, business negotiations, IT financials etc. mainly at Learning Tree, Merck, BEA, Oracle and Coursera.
A large number of technical courses at Learning Tree including programming, design, system integration etc.