Per Nyfelt
Solution architect / Software Developer

I am passionate about creativity, innovations, continuous improvements and technology. I am interested in consulting work as solution architect and project manager or to support an existing project as a mentor, facilitating project initiations or reboots. At the moment I am working as a solution architect and technical lead at an internet bank in Stockholm.

I've been working with IT for more than 20 years and love all aspects of it. My daily work has consisted of both business development and IT issues at a strategic level as well as project management, design and software development. This has given me a lot of breadth in all areas of IT as well as great depth in Enterprise BI and Java.

As an early adopter of agile approaches, I have been working with various agile methods since 1998. Most of my professional life has been in the telecoms and financial industries. I am comfortable in a big variety of project roles e.g. project management, solution architecture, development and testing. After many years of working in both start-ups and major international companies I am now running Alipsa Development together with Louise Wersäll. Besides working on our own products, I work as a consultant in IT-development projects.

Regardless of which role I end up in, I am perceptive and creative. I am self-sufficient while truly appreciative of team work and working in projects.

People often comment on my ability to create a positive working climate. I am curious about and interested in everything IT related and have easy to learn new things as well as to identify synergy and coherence that is not obvious to all.

If you are interested in doing something together with me, send me an email at